Waldmooswand auf dem Volvo Messestand
Thanks to low incidence values and good hygiene concepts, we can look forward positively to the coming trade show year 2022. Many larger fairs & exhibitions are already in firm planning and can hopefully take place. The order situation for stand builders and stand designers is also slowly improving again.

It has long since ceased to be sufficient to present one’s own product or service with a few colorful pictures and flyers. More and more creative and sophisticated ideas are popping up to captivate visitors and ultimately turn them into customers.
Elaborate sound and light installations and impressive images in huge formats vie for attention. This makes it all the more important to have an all-round view of the diverse design options & ideas – however crazy they may be. Because this is the only way to stand out from the crowd and stand out.


With our moss walls, logos & decorative elements you create such a highlight and at the same time benefit from many positive features: For example, our mosses are all B1 fire protection certified and therefore perfectly suitable for trade fair construction. In addition, the moss walls absorb up to 60% of the sound – a real blessing for noisy exhibition areas. And finally, of course, they are a visual highlight: gentle, green oases of peace with a feel-good character, as representatives of naturalness and sustainability, stylish, modern biophilic design for extravagant products, even in bright, colorful colors, our moss elements cut an excellent figure.


Our moss elements are flexible, easy to install, and can continue to be used after successful trade show use: as eye-catchers in offices or lobbies, in stores or retail outlets, or even in common areas. By the way, your moss product is completely maintenance free. That is, it does not require watering or pruning. Due to our special pressure preparation process, the moss is completely preserved and therefore has slight antistatic properties. That is why it attracts almost no dust and remains fresh and beautiful for a very long time. By using high quality cosmetic dyes – all our mosses are completely dyed through – we can even give a 10-year freshness guarantee.

You feel like designing your booth with creative moss elements or you want to set highlights with the natural product? Then order your free Moss-Moss catalog now and get comprehensive advice from our moss professionals. We are looking forward to your inquiry!