WHO is Moos•Moos Manufaktur?

Moos•Moos Manufaktur is a German brand created by Bergermann Floristik having its origins in selling dried flowers and with nearly 25 years of experience in working with natural moss. The company is located in Oppach, Saxony and supports interior design projects from architects, interior landscapers and interior designers by supplying different moss types such as reindeer moss, bale moss or forest moss.


What makes us special?

After more than 20 years we exactly know HOW and WHERE moss grows. We know how to take care of it and how to sustainable collect the raw material. Moos•Moos Manufaktur realizes itself the complete production process.

What do we do?

There is much more to our mosses than you might think: The quality of moss as a natural product depends on climate and weather conditions during its growth phase. Therefore every piece of moss reacts differently to preservation and dyeing. With this knowledge we have set up a special preservation process, that ensures a high-quality product with bright and brilliant colours, that you can enjoy eternally.

Directly from the manufacturer

Your interior moss decoration from one source. From collecting to preserving and dyeing our customers benefit from our ability to perform the full package.  We design and produce your individual product. Moreover even transporation and installation can be performed by our service team. Our passion for moss starts in the forest and reaches perfection at your wall.

What motivates us?

Our everyday life is characterised by haste, noise and stress. We look for relaxation and recreation in nature. The use of natural products in interior design offers an optimal solution for this, the so-called biophilic interior design. With our products you create an oasis of well-being. Your added value lies in the positive properties of moss: sound-absorbing and moisture-regulating. In addition, light resistant colours create a radiant effect and impress every visitor.

More unique MOSS TYPES

Made in Germany

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