Project Description

  • Hängende Bälle aus Islandmoos in Lobby
  • Moosball aus Islandmoos Tropical
  • Moosball aus Islandmoos Chilli
  • Moosball mit Islandmoos Purpr
  • Moosball aus Islandmoos Sonnengelb
  • Moosball aus Islandmoos grün

100% nature

Our moss spheres are made of 100% nature moss which we harvest ourselves and with regards to its long-lasting sustainability – with love to nature!

The highest color brilliance

Our moss tiles are available in different cosmetic and color-sustaining variations. To reach maximum relaxing purpose for the body and soul, we recommend apple green and moss green colors.

Natural features

The appearance of our moss is unique! One of its natural features is the noise regulation with efficiency up to 60%. Plus, it even regulates air humidity in the interior. It’s inspired by nature; our moss is 100% maintenance free.

Spheres / balloons of different moss

Hängende Bälle aus Islandmoos in Lobby

Moos•Moos moss spheres – Preferences

Our MOOS•MOOS spheres are perfect for great space as like hotel lobby, conference rooms and entrance halls. It’ s also suitable for arranging living rooms in a unique style. Thanks to its bright, cosmetic, long-standing colors it creates a friendly and cozy atmosphere. All moss spheres are produced of carefully chosen Icelandic moos which is available in 13 different colors.


Moss spheres with unique features

Unprecedented decoration, certified sound absorption and air humidity regulation in the room. Moss spheres are, like all moss elements, taxidermized and 100% maintenance free. Thanks to its light antistatic surface they are resistant against dust.


What are our moss spheres made of

Moss spheres are available in 2 diameters, they are 30 and 50 cm. Thanks to its integrated hook, our moss spheres are simple for assembling. Every moss sphere is a unique because even every moss flake is in its structure, form and size different.

  • 100% nature of gentle harvest from North and Central Europe

  • unique, nature taxidermy for longevity and haptic

  • By using long-lasting, cosmetic, color-sustaining colorations

  • The level of sound reduction, according to DIN EN ISO 354, is up to 60%

  • Fire classification DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01