What is flat, forest moss?

Flat moss is simply a built plant. It spreads from lowlands up to high mountains. Flat moss grows mostly on the ground, stones, wood or trees. It creates dense overgrown pillow growths and dense carpets which are represented in colorful spectrums from dark green to yellow green.

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  • Mooswand aus Waldmoos im Badezimmer
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  • Moosbild aus Waldmoos und Ballenmoos

100% nature

Our moss tilings are made of 100% real flat moss which we harvest ourselves and with regards to its long-lasting sustainability – with love to nature!

The highest color brilliance

Our moss tiles are available in different cosmetic and color-sustaining variations. To reach maximum relaxing purpose for the body and soul, we recommend apple green and moss green colors.

Natural features

The appearance of our moss is unique! One of its natural features is the noise regulation with efficiency up to 60%. Plus, it even regulates air humidity in the interior. It’s inspired by nature; our moss is 100% maintenance free.

Moosbild mit Waldmoos und beleuchteten Logo

Moss wall made of flat moss – Your advantages

Moss wall made of flat moss has a relaxing effect. Besides that, it reduces stress and helps to keep up a pleasant mood feeling. We use natural features of flat moss and we preserve them. These natural preserving steps maintain the flat moss long-lasting fresh. To that all, the moss regulates air humidity and takes care of pleasant acoustics in the room. It’s maintenance free, lasting and timeless modern.

Do you miss an inspiration for your wall, color or something personal? With our moss walls you can create Your interior exactly according to your wish and needs. We provide You a great spectrum of selection of color scheme, format and design.

  • 100% nature of gentle harvest from North and Central Europe

  • unique, nature taxidermy for longevity and haptic

  • By using long-lasting, cosmetic, color-sustaining colorations

  • The level of sound reduction, according to DIN EN ISO 354, is up to 60%

  • Fire classification DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01

Mooswand Waldmoos Volvo Messestand