Moss wall reindeer moss wall cladding – Your advantages
Reindeer moss is much more than just a natural material. It is also ideal for many creative design possibilities. On top of that, it regulates its own moisture balance and is also completely maintenance free. In other words: Reindeer moss does not require watering, pruning or fertilising. It also provides an improved room sound due to its sound absorbing property. To add, our moss walls have been certified according to fire protection DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01, which results in a product perfectly suitable for use in hotels, offices or airports.

We ensure a sustainable collection of the raw material in Northern & Central Europe, so you get 100% nature. On the other hand, we guarantee long-lasting and soft reindeer moss due to our natural preservation.

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100% nature

Our moss walls are 100 % real reindeer moss, which we ourselves collect sustainable – with love for nature!

Highest colour brilliance

Our moss wall claddings are available in different colours. We especially recommend the colours apple and moss green, which have a calming effect on body & soul.

Natural features

The appearance of our mosses is unique! With its natural properties, it regulates sound and thus ensures pleasant room acoustics. It also regulates the humidity in the room. In addition to all these advantages, it is 100% maintenance free.

Zimmerdecke aus Islandmoos The Circle auf Mallorca

A moss wall made of reindeer moss – what’s behind it?

Basically, reindeer moss, also called Iceland moss, is not a moss. Reindeer moss is rather a plant that grows like a cushion. In addition, reindeer moss forms a unit of fungi and algae. Reindeer moss is therefore a rigid, scaly and antler-like branched plant. Regardless of this, it can grow 4 to 15 cm tall. Reindeer moss was discovered by the Icelanders as a healing herb. Consequently, it was used for diseases such as hoarseness, coughs or inflammation of the mouth. Reindeer moss embodies mysticism and magic. It is reminiscent of black sand, green grasses and rugged mountains. Reindeer moss invites you to dream and linger.

Reindeer moss – the enchanted plant
In old legends, reindeer moss was considered an enchanted plant. Reindeer moss covered mountains and also valleys. For this reason, it was a blessing for farmers. But as the farmers did not want to share their wealth, the medicinal plant was banned. Since then, reindeer moss has only grown under snow. Despite all the legends, reindeer moss is nevertheless a very respected plant in the Nordic countries.

Reindeer moss wall – but where does reindeer moss actually come from?
In short, 100% of the reindeer moss we use comes from the forests of Europe. It grows in the lowlands on sandy soil, in sparse pine forests or even on rocks in mountainous areas, which range from 1500 m to 2500 m altitude. Incidentally, reindeer moss is collected from April to September.

Reindeer moss wall – the processing
The reindeer moss is finally treated with a natural preparation. This preserves the natural properties as well as the soft surface. This keeps the moss permanently fresh and also natural. We dye with cosmetic and lightfast colours to achieve a bright and brillant appearance.


maintenance free 100%
simple & quick installation 100%
calming effect on body and soul 100%
regulates the air humidity 90%
certified sound adsorption 60%
  • 100% nature collected carefully from forests in North & Central Europe

  • exceptional, natural preservation for durability and haptics

  • available in 13 different colours for creating your unique corporate design
  • Certified sound absorption of 60% according to DIN EN ISO 354

  • Certified fire class B1 according to DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01


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Information & free catalog order

You would like to inquire about a specific project and / or order the exclusive Moos • Moos catalog?
Then you are at the right place!
Get in touch with our moss professionals.