Anyone who stands for the first time in front of a wall covering of moss, simply can not get out of the amazement. Velvety soft moss, fresh green grasses, plants and ferns combined to create a stunning wall covering. But which moss is the right one? In the following article we take you on a little journey through mystical stories and legends about our mosses and plants. Interesting facts as well as inspiration will help you to decide which type of moss to choose.

Moss wall from real Iceland moss / reindeer moss ( also called moss lichen )

Iceland moss is a shrub lichen that grows in a cushion shape. It resembles a close community of forest fungi and algae. Nevertheless, many synonyms are used such as Icelandic moss, Irish moss, reindeer moss or fever moss. It is a rigid, scaly and antler-like branched plant.
Nevertheless, Iceland moss can grow from 4 to 15 cm. The plant is known for its healing properties. You may know them from the pharmacy.

Originally, Icelandic moss was discovered by the Icelanders as a medicinal herb. It has been used for respiratory diseases such as hoarseness and cough, but also for inflammation of the mouth. In addition, it could be successfully used in chronic pneumonia or bronchitis. The braiding acids of Iceland moss have an antibiotic effect. They thus relieve irritation and have a pain-relieving effect. The medicinal plant can be administered in the form of teas, tinctures or tablets.

Mooswand mit dunkelgrünen und hellgrünen Islandmoos mit der Aufschrift Octavia

Where does ball moss / bale moss / mound moss / cushion moss come from ?

The ball moss processed by Moos-Moos Manufaktur comes from our own European forests. Collecting is more like “looking for mushrooms”. The globe moss is mainly found in mixed forests, which provide optimal humidity and often hides under needles and foliage.

The beautiful ball moss or also called cushion moss, must be collected sustainably and gently. This is allowed only in private forests. A maximum of 20-30% of the ball moss found may be harvested so that it can grow back sufficiently and nature is spared. We use our checkerboard principle for this, harvesting only the “white” areas in order to find a closed moss cover again in the future.

große Wandverkleidung aus apfelgrünem Ballenmoos zur Verbesserugn des Raumklimas und der Akustik im AMONTI Wellneshotel

Moss wall forest moss / flat moss

Forest moss is a simply built plant. It is found both in the lowlands and in the high mountains . Forest moss grows mainly on soil, stones, wood or trees. It forms densely interwoven pads and lawns, which are dark green to greenish-yellow. With our special preservation process, it stays fresh and green for a long time. Moreover, we attach great importance to loving craftsmanship. Thus we guarantee high quality of our products.

A wall of forest moss has a relaxing effect. It also reduces stress and increases well-being. In addition, it regulates humidity and also provides a pleasant room acoustics. It is maintenance-free, durable as well as timeless in design.

Mooswand aus Waldmoos mit dem Logo Volvo

Moss wall made of real plants & jungle elements / jungle moss wall, plant moss wall

Our moss walls made of jungle or plant moss imitate a distinctive wild jungle. Every look at this enchanting nature painting with its unique look feels like a relaxing walk. Tropical accent plants inspired us for this custom look. We combine aesthetics with the need for harmony with nature. Thus, we create a stylish highlight for your interior.

A moss wall made of plants as well as moss represents a very special way of interior design. As a basis for this we use Iceland moss, ball moss or forest moss. In addition, we combine them with individual plant elements. Thus, an overgrown forest moss floor or a wild virgin forest is created, depending on your preference.


No matter which moss you choose, they all have one thing in common: they reduce stress, promote concentration as well as productivity and increase overall well-being. They regulate humidity, reduce sound and are completely maintenance-free due to their natural preservation. As a result, they provide a pleasant indoor climate, as well as a high level of acoustic comfort and have no maintenance requirements.

Go for a long-lasting, sustainable and timeless design with our moss wall coverings. With a product range of countless mosses & plants, every customer request can be individually implemented.

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